Sunday, October 3

In The End, they always win me back!

Attempting to cut out Calvin's nap + a 7 year old with mouthy comebacks - enough sleep +  boys who enjoy antagonizing each other until the other cries = a Mother who wants to pull her hair out!

This was my day the other day. It was raining outside, the house was a mess no matter how much I picked up, and the boys had been fighting all day. I couldn't take it anymore. It was one of those times I thought to myself "Get a job outside of the house Sam, you're a masochist, PAY someone to deal with them, no one should willingly put themselves through this!" Joey only contributed to my stress when she realized she was tired, but I wasn't going to allow her to take a nap only 2 hours away from her bed time.

Knowing my Pumpkinhead would be my reward at the end of the day, I struggled through making, then getting the kids to eat supper, getting them in the bath, and Joey down for the night. 

Wesley had school work that he didn't want to do, Calvin had to go to the bathroom, but refused to use the 'big boy toilet', and I refused to give in and put him in a diaper. After Calvin peed on my couch pillow in a clear way of showing his defiance and Wesley validating him by laughing and giving him a high-five, I had had enough and was done..... D.O.N.E!!

I.freaked.out.... the way only a stressed out, pushed to her limits mother can... Screaming like a psychotic women who'd just escaped from the extra crazy ward, throwing my hands in the air and having incomprehensible sentences spewing from my mouth, I chased them into their room and slammed the door behind them (of course they were giggling as they retreated, which only infused my frustrations).

Dramatically, I grabbed my Pumpkinhead from the fridge and lofted myself onto the couch. I allowed myself to sit there and calm down. Half was through my beer, I noticed the boy's room was quiet.

Instantly suspicious, I walked over and put my ear against the door. Silence. I felt my jaw tighten and was more then ready for round two. Slowly and quietly I opened the door prepared to catch them red handed, in whatever nonesense they were getting themselves into now.....

This is what I found. Wesley reading to his brother in the top bunk bed.

INSTANTLY I felt like an ass guilty for what could be considered my over exaggerated response to kids being kids. It was as my SAHM reset button had been pushed and despite that day, I am glad my inability to handle days like this are few and far between!

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BeckyProsser said...

Sam, this on melted my heart! Kids really do drive us crazy, but @ least they prove over and over again why we love them :)


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