Tuesday, December 21

Buckle Up

It's started. The last few days have felt like the inclining crawl up the steepest part, to the sudden drop, at the highest point, on the world's tallest roller coaster. Click.Click.Click. The anticipation building, with each notch, you're getting closer and suspending the excitement that you so anxiously await. Click.Click.Click And then it comes, the waiting is over, and it is time to start the descend. Arching the top, you're belly quickly hollows and fills with the flutters of a million butterflies.

This is it. Today, is what I've been waiting for and I'm throwing both hands in the air and screaming at the top of my lungs.

I have a friend, named Stefanie. The thing about Stefanie is, her and I are more alike then not. And this I believe worries, both of our husbands. Nate is use to hearing about my crazy ideas, witnessing my foolish antics, and has grown accustom to my animated nature. Stefanie not only, encourages my crazy ideas, participates in her fair share of foolish antics, and is as animated in her nature as I am.  She is hilarious and has brilliant ideas of her own. I do believe, she is the perfect partner in crime.

Together we came up with the idea for our Christmas Palooza Extravaganza Spreadage of Joy (all rights reserved). We wanted to throw a little something together for the Mother's who attend playgroup. Playgroup is just as beneficial for the kids socialization as it is us Mothers. We love it.  Tuesday mornings give us a chance to stop, sit and catch our breaths from the chaos of everyday. We wanted the girls that we catch up with, vent with, and most importantly laugh with, to have something for themselves.
Spreadage of Joy.

It started off simple, but like most things we do, it became elaborate, just the way we like it. Covered pretzeled, salt scrub, comfy socks, and a "Very Playgroup Christmas" poem later, we were in a caravan convoy heading up I95 for a luncheon at Pizza Hut (after two out of three area eateries were closed!!)

Only a half day of school today. At 12:00 we were back home from Wesley's class' Christmas party, vacation officially started, and the list of "Do-It" was directly thrown in my face. The descent was now and the butterflies were a flapping. Overwhelmed, doesn't begin to describe to feeling that fell on me. The tightening in my chest began and my throat felt thick. Click.Click.Click. Right now, it was beginning, and I wanted to bust at the seams with elation. I wanted to do it all at once, but at the same moment, stop time, make it last. Forever.
(Calvin's toilet paper addition to the Christmas tree)                                                       

I'm so gonna love this ride!

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