Monday, December 27

A Refreshing Christmas Indeed

Our Christmas celebration was a three day production around here this year. Starting Friday afternoon and going strong until Sunday night. Three, energetic, excitement, earlier mornings, later nights, chaotic, nap skipped, junk fueled, sporadic temper-tantrum throwing, fun filled days. I ended this weekends whirl by throwing out one of those heavy, over exaggerated, we've survived another year sighs.

Truth be told, I welcome all the messes, all the rushed time frustrations, all the failed attempt to control the chaos, the over exaggerated, unrealistic empty threats for ceasing tantrum behavior, along with all the sleep lost hours. I welcome it all, with open arms and look forward to the next "get right in the thick of it" time to come. With little bodies, recharging their batteries all snug in their beds,  in the lull of tonight's quiet house, I'm able to ignore the mess surrounding me, that will demand my attention tomorrow, and reflect on the specifics of what could easily be a blur of the past three days. The little things that add up to be greater than what is often the misinterpreted purpose. 

Although I'm always aware of the importance of my family, it hasn't been until recent years that I've been aware how lucky I am to have the family I do. This sounds so cliche at so many levels, but the creative part of my brain, to be able to express my thoughts in a creative and abstract way, is being overridden by whatever part is allowing me to be awake and comprehensive at this hour.

It all boils down to the fact that my family rocks. A very welcoming, low drama, highly supportive, vent-tastic, family. The type of chemistry is so consistent, with its easy flow, is instantly comforting. A structure and ambience I try to duplicate in my everyday family structure.  Wrapping yourself in fully with the aura of love, rejuvenated by the easeful laughing, and reassured by the richness each 'until next time hug' gives. Because there always is a next time.

And though I started this post last night, after falling asleep propped up in bed, hands still in the typing position, I'm finishing it this morning. The weather is blistering outside, and the fire is roaring in. With a cowboy woody snuggled on one side of me and a blanket wrapped beauty on the other, my coffee is getting colder with each delayed sip. The day is growing and though the light is dull, it's starting to pour in from the windows exposing all that has been left unattended since Santa made his arrival. Knowing I will gladly take the extra snuggle time that cold dark days ofter me, my mind is full of the things I will do when the motivation hits. There is wrapping paper to be picked up, dishes to be cleaned, toys to be put away, and organizing to be done, but right now, I'm in snuggle mode, love-em-up mode, sip my cold coffee mode, burrow into the blankets and watch Max and Ruby mode, a 'can't see myself shifting to any other gear any time soon' mode.

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