Friday, November 26

A Filling Thanksgiving

So that's that. For most people, the day filled with food, family, and friends comes as fast as it goes. A day with polite "catch-up" conversations with family members who feel more like acquaintances, the same stories that are told each Thanksgiving, and the smell of Aunt Sue's overwhelming cheap perfume, turning the already over expanded stomach. Another check marked off the list of obligated family duties.

Fortunately for us, our "catch-up" conversations are with family that only needs to be caught up on the most recent of events. The stories that are recycled are laughed at just as hard as the first time they were told, with new ones adding in between. Thankfully, any perfume is applied at the appropriate amount of dosage and complementary to each.

Beer is cold, wine is homemade, and food is plentifully. A day layered with the uniqueness that each person brings to the group binding it as a whole, makes the day both easy and enjoyed.

Much to be thankful for.

Yesterday, I didn't dig around for the reason why I love my family, because it's already on the surface. I didn't take a minute to remind myself of exactly what makes our friends feel more like family, but nuzzled into its always present formality.

For me, Thanksgiving, is just one of the many times throughout the year our extended family gets together. I don't need a day to remind me to be thankful. The last Thursday of November doesn't encourage me to appreciate the importance of those who surround me any more than I already do on a random Tuesday morning.

But will most certain take the excuse of an approved Government's awarded work leave, to do what we do best.....

(tis the season)

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