Thursday, November 18

Big Things Are Happening

Thanks to Calvin's inability to go to bed before midnight and the silently designated roll I've been give as "Chaperon of Thy 'til Sleep Bestows Upon Thee" (official title), I've made some big strides in manually cracking through the already pre-laid format for the blog design. A few curse words spouted and many comfort chocolates eaten later, things have started to fall into place for me to be able to present my pictures, writings, and over all page layouts just the way I want it. ----->Insert happy sign here<------

The magnitude of my feats was so large it was hard for Nathan to be able to begin to grasp it to the full extent. And I'm 100% sure if any of you were to try to accomplish this very task, you would have done it with ease in a very non-stressful 13.8 minutes with a full night of sleep ahead of you. But my friends, I like a challenge, and there for only skim read instruction, do what I think might work, and often forget which paths lead to dead ends. All with the cloudiness of my mind that can only be created with a combination of 'Is she really ready to get up' mornings, 'strike one! strike TWOOOO! Don't make me give you strike three' days, and 'just go to bed' nights.

Not only have I excelled in the ability to "awesome my blog" but I've also decided to return my blog to public *gasp**hushed whispers*  I know you (mostly Stef) will be upset to no longer belong to the "Group of Elite", but I have no doubt in my mind that everyone here already, will continue to be the only ones that make that site counter go up (except my mom who will be telling all her friends to check out Calvin's latest antics).

Personally I feel like I've also made some enormous steps in regaining a certain level of control in the everyday all around life realm as well. Although I'm realistic this will not be a smooth ride for.... oh, I don't know...  the rest of my life.... I feel like I've settled closer to my core and have a better understanding of being able to navigate these bumps in the future. Holy self awareness!

Anyways, I'll be rooting around here for awhile, fixing the layouts of past posts and probably correctly a grammatical error or two I'm sure I'll find along the way. I guess proof reading now needs to become a priority before publishing ... (goodnyou?)  At least I know I'll have a certain reader who may or may not have been an English teacher at one point in my life, who is probably thinking "It's about time!" 

So stick around and make yourself comfortable, there is more to come, pictures to see and plenty of stories to tell.


ADH said...

lol...and a not even close to an English teacher who has been dying to correct the mistakes, but didn't want to come off as rude? :) lol

Sam said...



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