Wednesday, November 3

Sanity In Aisle 5

I buy the food for the house, and everyone else does their part and eats it. So I, of course, want to give my family what's the best for them. I'm not talking about fruits, veggies, and limited candy because that is just responsible crazy. I look at it more like a good/better/best system when I'm grocery shopping. First and foremost, I'm going to buy what my family likes and what we will eat, so I look for these products in all natural, hormone free, organic, and more preferably local or Maine made.

Today I was able to sneak away to grocery shop without the kids *sigh of relief*. It takes me longer to grocery shop without them, because I actually read, smell (yes I'm one of those), and pay more attention to what I am throwing in the cart.

Alone, I can throw my good/better/best system into full effect.
 I don't have to find the perfect cart pushing speed where it's slow enough I can still grab what I need off the shelf, but fast enough so Calvin can't.
I can also fill the cart full of things we need rather then just the "must haves" to keep it at a safe low level, out of Calvin's reach, for when he decides he doesn't want to play "grocery shopping" anymore and start chucking things from the cart.

In case any of you thought letting him walk along side the cart would be a good option.. you're wrong.. and will offer him to you anytime you want to find out why.

It's just stress free without the kids....

I love grocery stores. When we went to Aruba, I was shotgun every store run, because they had such different things from all over the world. I wanted ever chance to explore. But it could be any grocery store. Bangor, Presque Isle, and even Houlton's store.
We went to Cincinnati for a wedding and while Nate stayed back in the hotel room nursing a hangover upset stomach from something he must have eaten, I ventured to the grocery store for a little walk around. (don't judge!)

I've learned to easily block out the reality idea that it's all together possible that the boys have Nathan tied up while throwing wads of toilet water soaked socks at him or the house will be completely turned upside down, while young ones ran amuck seeking shelter from their crazed Nerf gun armed father's relentless attacks.

But, more times then not, there are tears that need to be dried (Calvin's), strikes that need to be talked about (Wesley's), diapers to be changed (Joey's), frustrations deflated (Nathan's), and a "I just make it look easy" smirk that needs to be hidden (MINE!!!)

So today, I'm pushing along at a less then casual stroll, smelling my fruits and getting lost in the euphoria of being surrounded by food and in a "my kid" free zone. I can't explain why I enjoy it so much, but I feel like I get lost in time and am always surprised when I realize how much time has actually passed.

I don't feel guilty about wanting to do this by myself anymore, and I take advantage when I can to go by myself,(the events that happen the times I do have the kids is an all together different blog)

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ADH said...

I am the same way...I LOVE grocery shopping, and I almost always do it alone! You just get lost in time! :) Usually ends with a text "where are you!?" haha


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