Tuesday, November 23

Welcoming Winter with Semi-Open Arms

I don't know why the snow yesterday caught me off guard, but it did. I'm aware that it is the week of Thanksgiving and Mother Nature has every right to shower us with fluffy flakes of her unwelcomed wonderful winteriness. Being a toes in the sand, cool ocean viewing, flip flop wearing, warm weather loving girl, I enjoy when it first snows and am willing to enjoy it's company throughout the Holiday season. With that said, I'm more than ready for it to make it's departure come mid January. Unrealistic I know. This feeling of winter dread has only really surfaced the last 7 years or so, and I will credit this to getting older more mature. But I guess unless I'm willing to do anything about it, I might as well embrace it and with this new approach, yesterday I did.

Although it started off with a rocky start of being unable to find Wesley's snow boats (Mother's Law tells me these boots will magically pop up as soon as I order him new ones) and the always fun, having to go to the bathroom as soon as you are punched with the fist of cold air lingering for you on the other side of your entranced door, it was smooth sailing after that.

Once cheeks were kissed with winters welcome and more snow brought into the house than I believe was left out of it, the warming up part came easily...

Will yesterday's happy ending be enough to  keep the motivation for my positive winter embrace running strong?
We have many months to find out now don't we!

1 comment:

ADH said...

oh my! and LOTS of snow :(


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