Sunday, November 28

Only The Weather Is Gloomy

Yesterday the weather was overcast, wet, and from the comfort of our living room, little was appealing about venturing outside. Lounging with arms wrapped around sleepy sweet-ums, while hugged in the softness of the family favorite chocolate brown blanket, the aroma of a Yankee Candle's sugar cookie scent lingering from the kitchen over the petition to the living room provoking us to burrow deeper in the couch cushions.  But as the baby stirred and the other two grew restless, the process of making the transition from inside the house to outside the house was made. And the dreariness of the day was brightened with smiles of those who flung snowballs and the responsive giggles when their target had been hit. Arms were now wrapped around each other in an attempt to bury one another in the pure white blanket of snow, while the smell of the clean outdoors surrounded us.
Despite the damp skies and sun's bleak output, a beautiful day indeed.

So one would think, with weather like today, sun shining hard, skies screaming its blue, and a day asserting its "don't waste me" attitude, yesterday would be easily repeated. Wrong! I'm still at a loss for why things went ary. I know Joser's sleep tank was hovering just above empty and my patients left much to be desired from a sleepless night before. Wesley was altering between his comeback remarks and inability to listen the first time, while Calvin displayed his less charming side of two. As I'm sitting here in the rare calm of the house and reflecting on the day, I have snot run faces, tear stained cheeks, and frustrated feelings flooding my memory, but none for your viewing pleasure.

 Mark today, as one of those infrequent times where my finger wasn't engaging the shutter.

Now, I regret not capturing the day's meltdowns, failures, and disappointments, because I find, they are just as enlightening in its reflection, if not more, than the days filled with smooth laughter and effortless smiles.

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