Saturday, November 13

A Week In The Life Of....

Grampy takes Wesley on his first hunting trip

Calvin takes an action shot of his own, a hidden treasure among the 50 other blurry, fuzzy, and too close pictures

Joey-Bean becomes aware of Buffett.... Buffett is annoyed thrilled to have another child to climb all over her

Christmas decorations start to pop-up around the house (Yippie!!)

Rainy, cold and gray outside, dry, warm and colorful is where we will stay...

Chance to mess around with my camera with my favorite subjects (minus one)

Spider-man stopped by
 And so did some good friends.....

Comfy socks, wine, & watching Grey's alone made for a perfect Thursday's ending....

Well as alone as I ever am....

Started off with a few laughs at the breakfast table

The process of fitting into my new size 10 jeans starts next week....

LOVE the unseasonably warm weather

Christmas lights are up!

Bubbles were a must!

And the sun said goodnight in the most beautiful way!

Looking forward to this week being as much fun!

1 comment:

ADH said...

That sunset picture is awesome! :) And I love the pic of Josey and Calvin looking at each other :)


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