Tuesday, January 4

The Art Of: The Unrushed Day

Yesterday, was one of those days that I feel myself burying deep in.  I knew it was going to be a day unhurried when Joey woke up early enough to allow a pre-day, snuggle nap before the real day began. With the delay of school it allowed us to guiltlessly slipped back into bed. I cradled Joey in my arms, her forehead resting on my chin, allowing me to breath in her baby essence to its fullest. She's started placing her open hand on the bare of my chest right under my neck when she begins to fall asleep, she couldn't swell my heart any quicker when she does this. I look for this now when she starts to drift, and this morning, she did not disappoint, instantly melting as much as every time before. During the quiet of the morning, she starts to stir, but before she's fully awake, she babbles. Making raspberries, bababa's and coos that sound like singing. Solidifying why I so much love having a family bed.

Vacation is over and routine resumes at a half pace. Alarms are back to being set, breakfasts are eaten before 9:00 am, but today we practiced the unrushed day. A day where after a messy lunch, hanging around in a diaper and socks by the fire, was just the thing to do. Though the sun was out, we nestled in, we played, we laughed, we napped.

Today is different, things to do, places to be, people to see, work to be done. Back into the swing of things where the calendar beings to fill up quickly and the days post-vacation pick up their momentum finding their stride quickly, that makes time pass faster than one would like.

But yesterday was relished in the unrushed.


hannahw said...

OH- that quilt in front of the fireplace- it doesn't get any better than that. LOVE IT!

Alicia said...

Sam, this one hit my soft spot. I remember Emma doing the same snuggle with her hand on the same spot with me - made me melt. It's funny I never thought I wanted a girl until I had her - aren't they great!! Keep up the good work w/this blog.


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