Tuesday, January 11

Gaining Momentum

I've been among the many who have falling victim to whatever this is, that has a tendency to go around this time of year. Energy drained, throat swollen and soar, aching body, and a fever to match. It's not good people, but I'm here to say, 11 days later, I'm back and better than ever (minus the better than ever part).

When attempts at swallowing even water, has turned into a complete mental game, an act performed by will alone, while keeping up with myself is met with exhausting resistance, it sucks. And the last 11 days, have sucked. I'm glad to report, there is light at the end of the tunnel of recovery and it's shining brightly today!! (Not so much for Nathan, because apparently he has it now and lets hope he's the last)

Today's accomplishments helped justify my weekend's free time spent couch lounging,  photoshop wasting, and guilty pleasure TV watching. The comfort of today's frenzy of manic behavior was more than welcomed….and missed.

I was frolicking in the field of euphoria today. Throwing all of my balls in the air with out hesitation, and not only keeping them up, but doing fancy spins on the ground, as each ball gets launched, higher and higher. Gaining momentum.

Patience during the less patient-able times. Calmness when other's emotions elevate. Afternoon coffee enjoyed, rather than necessary.

Momentum I'm hoping carries me for awhile, because today are the days I want to make happen more than not.

Ending today, knowing, we rocked it, we completely rocked this day. No promises of a better day tomorrow whispered in sleeping babies ears tonight. No restless mind retracing situations that could have been handled so much better. Because today, really, we rocked it and are only gaining momentum for the fabulous days to come!

(This is something Joey has just started to do. Closing her eyes and pressing her forehead against you. I know it's her  baby way of saying "I love you" and it makes me so happy I could cry, that I was able to finally capture it. I love it.)

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