Friday, January 14

Week Stuff

Maybe it's the predictability of my days or cookie cutter schedule of my weeks, that makes Monday-Friday fly by. It's not that every day is the same as the next, but Monday plays out like the Monday before, this Tuesday stuff will mimic next Tuesdays stuff, and Fridays always bring the same excitement that carries you into the weekend.

A Friday started with hot coffee, paired with a chill in the air providing the snow flickering out the window, and a babies endless babbling echoing, while entertaining herself with the sound of the lap-top cord slapping on the ground. The Friday morning calm before the storm. Soon the furry will pick up. Laundry machine, rattling from its uneven bracing, Calvin flaring his excitement, which quickly turns to dismay, when he's dipped instead of spun during the day's random dancing, and the dogs pacing indecisiveness on which side of the door it's best to be on. The blend of breakfast dishes and lunch dishes collecting in the sink, Josephine's newly developed opinions she's eager to share and Wesley's school-pent energy released by tormenting his brother. A fancy family dinner planned proceeding the family movie, with bed sheets washed and forgotten, delaying the days end.

And here I find myself, with the Friday buzz, leading me into what I'm pretty sure will be an amazing weekend with an overload of different little special treats. I like winter's weeks to go by quickly, yet hopeful the summer days wont. But right now, our winter days follow the phrase, 'same stuff, different day' pretty well, but this stuff is good, its great. I will gladly play Josephine's new found love for peek-a-boo that needs no face covering or eye hiding, just chubby yummy arms thrown above her perfectly round hairless head. Cherish Wesley's remaining time where wearing Buzz PJ's that match his brothers is still cool, fun, and exciting, and I will laugh watching Calvin nakedly, clobber around in shoes that he will too soon fill. Here it is, Friday again, and what might be mundane stuff to some, these weeks fly by and this stuff fills them…..and me….. because this week stuff is so so so good.

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Erica said...

I'm thinking that Jay and Calvin would be a dangerous duo, the more I read about him the more they remind me of each other! (right down to the Buzz pajamas!!) Josephine is so sweet, and looks just like you.


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