Thursday, January 6

Diving In Deep

I find there are many advantages to having the floor plan of our house that we do. Our main living area not only consisting of kitchen, dinning and living room, but the bedrooms and bathrooms branching off each side to the North and South. An open floor plan and everyday living contained to one floor with an option of escaping to either an upper or lower story, when necessary. Though the layout sometime makes it hard to hide the distinct sound of corn kernels sizzling in melting butter refusing to reveal their softer side until they can't contain themselves anymore which is relieved by their alluring pop, that has a tendency to flock "sleeping" children from their rooms, but for us, it works.

One of the unexpected advantages is the allure my bed has as the common ground gathering through out the day, especially when I'm pulled into a good book. Time reading that use to be spent in a chair or the couch, now is spent snuggled deep in the covers of the place I love to be most. During the lazy part of the day, when energy needs it's boost and eyelids are making it hard to keep sweet-ums eyes open, Scooby-Doo softly playing on the TV lulls the little ones to nap, I snuggle down and dive in deep.

Lately, I've been at a loss for what book I should read. I have a few memoirs going, and though they are enjoyable, light reads, they don't pull me in the way I love books to. The kind of book that grabs on to me, holds me tight, and begs to be read during any minute I can spare. The kind of book that motivates my mornings, for guilt free reading in the afternoons. The kind of book I burn the midnight oil all the while glancing at the clock, knowing its really to late to continue reading and the next day will not pity me. I promise myself I'll turn off the light after this paragraph…. no this this chapter…. The kind of book that enjoys making my soul whimper when the time does come for me to surrender to sleep.

After spending my time asking friends, reading reviews, and book discriptions searching for the perfect literary escape, gun shy that 2010's top best books will be a disappointment, leaving me unsatisfied, and deepening my desire, I've come to the conclusion that visiting the tried and true is where I need to fill my book-life void.

So here I've set myself off, on a classic book voyage, the type of books you're forced to read, write reports, and find deeper meaning by way of cliff notes and older brothers, during a period in your life you're more interested in anything but. Tonight, Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" awaits my reading pleasure and I couldn't be more excited to dive in deep.

(After, Harry Potter has been given his dues, of course)

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Stefanie said...

Hey, My first comment!
Loved your recent post and am happy to hear I am not the only one dissapointed with recent books. However, what I loved most was the photo of little Joeys butt and feet! That should be on a bisness card or web page for your photography site!
Good Blogging!


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