Friday, January 28

Gettin' Gone...

Mauling thing over in my head it what I do. I think things through a lot. I do enjoy random, unplanned, spur of the moment everyday adventures. When I have a plan lined up, I can roll with the punches if things go ary, but on big decision, it takes me awhile.
A lot, awhile.
In this instance 4 years…...For our dinning room table.

To be honest, if it wasn't for Nathan taking charge and 'just doing it already' approach, I would probably still be thinking, figuring, and analyzing. He's my 'take action' ying, to my 'think it threw' yang.

After Wesley and I looked out the window every 3 minutes between the 4 hour time frame we were given for delivery, the table was here, together, and in my dining room, more perfect than I had even imagined! I'm in love. It's full of personality, character, and it's warm mahogany color invites memories to be made around it. This table is the chips to my a'hoy, the rock to my roll, the Edward to my Bella.

Saturday afternoon Nate & I fly to Florida for Nate's work. Much thought went into this decision as well. Take the kids? Don't take the kids? One of them? Two of them? After much deliberation, I was leaning more on the side of sending Nate on his way and staying home with the kids. Figuring, it was too short a trip to haul all the kids down, but too long a trip for me to want to be away from them. Then with a sheepish realization that perhaps a husband would like to spend some kid free time with his wife. I recoiled from my selfish thoughts of sending Nathan off to the Sunshine State by himself and am now tagging along. Kid free.

I think sometimes I forget I'm not only a Mother, but that my role as a wife is also an important one. Unlike some, my reset button for my kids, easily gets pressed with a solo trip to the grocery store, an uninterrupted bath, or a peacefully watched Modern Family.

Four nights away from my babies, I know, my heart will be aching to get back, but am looking forward to the time Nate and I will have together, sleeping in, eating at less kid friendly restaurants, and being able to accomplish some work I'm eager to get finished up.

Speaking of work… Here is a little peek for Jess of her pretty ladies and I don't know if I could be any more excited to get my hands on the two beauties she's baking in that belly….

DeAnne's little guy is so handsome, I've been thinking about him all day. I can't shake his cuteness …and now you wont be able to either...

Usually having the daunting job of packing for a family of five, is a three day process, but with it just being the two of us, I've seemed to put off the task all together. But first, extra snuggles needed to be stocked… four days worth stocked.

See you in Florida!


ADH said...

I wish I was seeing you in florida!!

Stefanie said...

I love the new table and the beautiful pictures! Have a great trip and beware of the turbans!

Erica said...

Love the table, beautiful! I am very jealous of your coming mornings of sleeping in!! :) Bittersweet though, I know the feeling! Have a restful trip!


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