Sunday, January 23

This and That

Saturday started off a little rough with an unplowed driveway and a dead van battery, getting in our way when it came to promptness for Wesley's basketball practice. Thankfully the weekend smoothed itself out and it was uphill from there. While the boys ate their lunch and Joey-Bean took her nap, Nate spent his day cleaning up after Friday's storm, and I helped….. and by helped, I mean, took pictures.

(The mountain was suppose to be behind me in this one!)

I love love love love the Sunday feel. Did I mention I love it? I love its ease, I love its flexibility, and I love its leisurely hours that each have equal minutes, but never feel to progress at the same pace. The morning passing as a sprint, only to rest as the afternoon lingers by, picking up the pace for it's jauntily strut to the night's finish. There are still the daily obligations as the rest of the week, but without the guilt of a day wasted, when things don't get accomplished, because on Sunday, they wont.

It's Sunday! The last Sunday of the week my friends! You just know it's going to be a great day when it starts off like this….

Followed by a little of that…

A whole lot of this…

While ignoring all of that…

And a bit too much of this….

Though the Patriots' season has ended, football season continues. I feel strongly in setting an example for our children by showing good sportsman for the remaining teams. What better way than displaying that, than having Sunday football appropriate dinners. Really, it's the least we could do… I mean, it is for the kids. Calvin is really following our lead.

With all of that said, I'm so happy to end my day the same as it started, with a little more of this….

Happy Week!!

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