Sunday, January 2

Using Winter Wisely

2011 was welcomed with open arms and good friends this year. The mixture of little sleep, a sore throat, fever, and an aching body helped kick off the first two day of the year, but gave me an excuse to snuggle on the couch, nap with my sweet-ums, and mindlessly watch Wii games played by the rest of the family, while ignoring the post-party clean up.

(Wesley took me napping as an opportunity to steal my camera, which I highly disapprove of, but finding this shot, make me glad he did. Love Joser's hand on Calvin's ear)

There are little to-do things I collect through out the year that I convince myself I will do when winter comes. Winters are long and go by slow, plenty of wasted time to spend on the stuff that needs a little tedious fill time to get them done. Now that the rush of holiday season is over, it's time to set out and accomplish these tasks. Little things, that would make the rest of the year's things, a little easier flowing things. Like editing and retyping our phone-number list that is so tattered and disorganized, smoke signals might by less stressful when a phone call needs to be made. Addresses gathered and arranged to make next year's Christmas card prep less skeltered. Finishing up the finishing touches around the house that could easily be done by ourselves, when we were eager to get the contractors out of our house and our family in…..4 years ago. Today the list of "by winter's end" tasks was created and I'm hoping by spring much will be checked off, though Winter is a great time to be catching up on all the TV series that Netflix makes to easily accessible or the movies I always have wanted to see.

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