Thursday, December 9

Behind My Camera, Is Where I Want To Be

If I were trying to keep the fact that I love to take pictures a secret from anyone, I think I would have failed. I love love love clicking away with my camera. 
Recently, I purchased a new lap top and thought I should upload, copy on CD's, and delete all older pictures off "Nate's" lap-top. Well-over 5,000 pictures later (and I say well-over because I stopped counting when it got to a ridiculous number like that, because if I didn't know the answer to how many pictures were deleted, I could honestly say I didn't know when Nate asked, altogether avoiding the dropped jaw, wide eyed, "are you kidding me Samantha" disapproval face) I couldn't help but be overwhelmed myself.

I'm very much a quality over quantity person and I kept coming back to that while I saved and deleted batch after batch of pictures. Can't one quality picture say just as much if not more than 100 quantity pictures? Are memories really being captured in all of these pictures? Wouldn't half the amount of these pictures mark the memory just as well? Yes, yes, and yes. But my 100 pictures are not non-sense quantity, each capturing and adding to the quality of the moment. Memories are being captures, moments full of life leading up to the big wave crashing, moments that go unnoticed, after the fireworks have amazed. Half the amount of pictures would certainly mark the memory just as well, but I want to mark the memory in full and take everything it's willing to offer. The expressions that are forgotten, the moments that are not paid attention too, the raw of life. The raw, this is what is happening now, and it will be treasured, because I will treasure it, moments. The stillness of naps, the progress of inching toward crawling, the warmth of cold days, drinking in life as it is now, because the beauty of now is exactly how, it will never be again. 

Although I agree some memories are more memorable than others, I'm not willing to let any pass without the chance to be remembered....

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