Tuesday, December 14

Christmas Smells Like.... Burnt Plastic?

Incase you missed the post about how Mr. Christmas Spirit and I started off on the wrong foot, let me recap.
Forgetting about my little tirade of rejecting irrelevant  ornaments of christmas pasts, and failing to acquire the satisfactory replacements ones throughout the year like I had intended, I unintentionally ticked Mr. Spirit off. He caused my tree to fall, lights to bust, and a favorite ornament to break, just to make his dissatisfaction clear.
I got the message... are you reading this Christmas Spirit?... I.got.the.message.

I though I made things right and have foolishly been standing with my arms wide open, face gleefully smiling to the sky waiting for CS to come running into my awaited embrace, hugging me back as hard as I'm hugging him, gushing over how unfulfilled  we've been without each other. Instead, I get a quick, stiff half bent at the hip, one armed, two pats on the back hug.  A hug that is only for appearance, but feelings are still hurt and bygones are more like notquiteyet-gones.

I've tried to move on. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is sung so loud during the day, it still rings in my ears at night, and the word "Baby" is instinctively inserted before the declaration of "it's cold outside!"
But let me just say Christmas Spirit holds a grudge.
Plugging the Christmas tree lights in while finding the perfect spot for the more recently finished crafted treats, I smell a 'red flag' smell, hear an unusual noise, and see an unlikely sight. My Christmas tree lights are smoking, melting the plastic holders, causing the lights to fall to the ground sizzling!!!
Our tree is upstairs in the "play room", not the most common of ground, and I realize this takes away from it being appreciated and enjoyed, but it was a decision that we made, to decrease the chances of Calvin scaling it in a Gollum like fashion. Refusing to plug in any "replacement" lights Nate would bring home, as long as the tree was were I couldn't see, it made me want the tree moved downstairs, but because I forgot to water the tree for the first 10 days it was in the house (also making it prime for extreme flame engulfment), the attempt of moving it downstairs would result in a tree that would make Charlie Brown's tree look bright and plentiful.

Our house now has two trees. A bare, glamour-no-more, burnt light decorated, dehydrated tree in the upstairs. And a full, continually accessorized, thirst quenched, making it's present known tree, on the main level.

Mark one up for Christmas Spirit.

Even with his best attempts at dampening my holiday ambiance, I've been able to keep the disheartenment at bay and have been soaking in every experience this time of year has to offer.

Mark one up for Me.

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