Tuesday, December 28

Productive While It Lasted

Every time the house has been turned upside down, miscellaneous things strewn from wall to wall, toys jumbled on the counter, and forgotten sippy cups scattered on the floor, I get this rush of productivity. An energy that can only be described as a frenzy. I not only want to put everything back in the places they once were, I want to organize the cupboards, clean out the pantry, overhaul the laundry room's "catch all" counter, with disinfectant in one hand, vacuum cleaner in the other, while holding an overside garbage bag in my teeth. The bout of energy doesn't stop there, my eyes dart from the door frame that needs to be replaces, to the patch on the wall that could use another coat of paint, over to the older pictures in their frames that really need to be updated. All the while, my mind strategizing the game plan for tackling the downstairs arrangement, the upstairs toy combinations for prime categorization, photo editing that needs to be done, groceries that need to be gotten, and what the hell are we going to have for lunch.

Getting giggles from Joey, upstaged by Calvin, and eye rolls from Wesley, Mika is streaming through the speakers causing me to shake the curves he assures me are in all the right places. Unadulterated energy and mood to match.

Although I want to move mountains and my attempts are grand, reality interrupts. Calvin's running around with nothing but his Thomas hat on and mischief in his eyes, Wesley sulking bored, from having the reigns tightened on the amount of video games played after a Christmas weekend of over indulgence, and Joey climbing up everything only to scream when she's realized she can't get herself down.

With the reality, energy dwindles, shifting from the mountain that once wanted to be conquered, to now the window framed mountain that wants to be viewed. While I enjoy an afternoon coffee, the baby sleeps and the boys scamper to the downstairs until the 'find something better to do than stare at a TV' time, resumes. My music fueled mood has shifted from the rush of La Roux, to the ease of Joshua Radin.

It's safe to say this house is far from disaster free, but I feel comfortable with the statement that at least each little disaster has been designated to it's appropriate room, to be dealt with the next time I get into an aggressive state of order.

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hannahw said...

big girls, you are beeeauuuutiful!! haha Mika. Love this post. Also, I ALMOST got those exact tights for Joey, same color and everything. I bought them for B. Thanksgiving-ish when I needed a few things to meet my $49.00 diaper.com free shipping, and they reminded me of you completely. Good thing I didn't, but I did get some for someone else. J. is now CLIMBING things??? geesh, pretty soon she is going to be reciting soliloquies (better believe I had to google that to figure out how to spell it). Oh, and I LOVE your quilt, it looks perfect!


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