Monday, December 20

Just The Beginning

Official Christmas Preparation started Friday night. Christmas shopping has been done the past few months, trinkets here and there collected, special somethings gathered for special someones, and homemade gifts assembled with as much efficiency as Santa's elves, but with a hell of a lot more love poured into them. But Friday night, was the night it all started to take on the "Christmas Present Appearance" by putting these presents into there final presentation. With a glass of Chardonnay mixed with a splash of Cranberry Ginger Ale for an extra dose of holiday gratitude. I sent the boys down stairs while Joey slept and I dug out the scissors, wrapping paper, tape, bows, and presents. Having the opportunity to play something other then Sponge Bob, Bob the Builder, or Football... I put on a chick-flickish movie.

I don't know if the wine was rewarding me a little extra for the week's work, but I had a sense of giddiness about me. The perfect mixture of accomplishment, anticipation, and... well... wine.

The most welcomed way to start off the weekend....

Saturday, Nathan stayed with the kids, while Mom and I went to Bangor for a little last minute pick-um-ups. Though the air was cold and shivers ran through our body as we walked to our next destination, the ora was warm, and Christmas Spirit's were hight. People glad to help and a very un-rushed flow of the day. After enjoyed the most delicious of meals at my new favorite eatery Giacomo's, some misguided directions found us walking the creaky plank floors at the most perfect of beer & wine shops, that will most certainly be visited again.

We mistakenly decided to travel on the beaten path and found ourselves in the thick of the pre-Saturday Christmas shopping. Unlike everyone around us, this was fine. There wasn't anything we needed to have, no where we needed to be, so instead, we soaked in the day, enjoying the childless easy of a Daughter with her Mother, day.

Today we went to lunch with Santa. I feel like that sentence doesn't even give today it's magical ado. Wesley was prepared that the real Santa might not be there, because Santa's so busy this time of year he often calls in helps, and today's Santa, just might be a helper. My heart swelled, when I was quickly shushed as Calvin barreled closer and Wesley was worried he might overhear. Wesley, later telling me Calvin wouldn't know the difference and a secret worth keeping from him. Magical.

Magical indeed.

All this playing, left no room for cleaning and as I felt my attitude reflecting the state of our house I pulled out the heels and with a quick vacuum and a hurricane like frenzy, picked up. Doing as any under slept, over committed Mother would do, I threw my wine outside to chill, grabbed my best baby helper and nourished myself with her new wrinkle nose trick, while finishing up some last minute gift prep.
(I feel lik the randomness of the first picture really nails the chaotic clutter)

I'm so glad to say, this weekend, is just the beginning of all the excitement and fun there is to be had this week!!

Here's a video for you all to enjoy. The high pitch Pterodactyl like screaming is sweet little Joey-Bean's new call of excitement.
(I suggest you turn the music player off before playing & it might be loud because well... it was video in our house.. which is.... loud!)

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hannahw said...

3 things: Do I spy your quilt???? I love your coaster, and the way J. is looking at Santa kills me!


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