Wednesday, December 8

Mr. Christmas Spirit, Let Me Explain!!

It's hard not to be scooped up and get a really big hug from Christmas Spirit this time of year. I feel like the Spirit's embrace is pulling me in so tight, my toes are hovering just above the ground and air is being emptied from my lungs. I love the feeling Christmas brings. The ease of weaving old traditions with new and the challenge of recognizing the importance of giving virus getting.

Though Christmas decorations were popping up around the house before Thanksgiving, the house doesn't really have the true Christmas feel until the tree is up. Like most other families, we waited until after Thanksgiving to do this task. Eager to watch the kids decorate the tree, I was quickly reminded of my hasty decision to throw away all "hand me down" ornaments, no memory ornaments, no meaning ornaments, not even good enough to hang on the previous owner's tree ornaments. I want ornaments on my tree that are full of memories. Ornaments, in 30 years, I can sob myself sober while hanging, memory after memory after memory. The exact memories that we all know, only passed too quickly. With intentions to collect "appropriate foliage hangery", I ditched the emotionally void ornaments, only to be reminded of this intention when this year's decorating began. 

Nine ornaments. 
I left my children, with NINE ORNAMENTS to fill this house full of the "Christmas feeling". A few nights later, the tree feel over, busting out half the strung lights upon impact. Possibly because these NINE ORNAMENTS were not evenly distributed, heavy loading one side or it was Christmas Spirit's way of showing its disappointment in me.
I'm going with the latter. 

In an attempt to make Mr. Spirit feel welcomed again, I turned to the only thing I thought would right this oh-so wrong...... crafts!

Today, Stefanie and I took the little ones, on an impromptu trip to Bangor to get some special secret makings, for a special secret christmas something, for some unsuspecting gift getters!! Which I'm so super excited about.

And once again, I feel myself drawing air in deeply, fully replenishing my lungs with the warmth of Christmas Spirit's welcomed nestle.

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