Thursday, December 16

'Tis The Season

Today I realized that Christmas is 9 days away. Nine.
You know those things that are usually an after thought to your "Do It" list? The things that are simple to do and keep continuously getting pushed until later, because they can be done when you have a minute. But that minute never comes and the few things that only will take a minute, add up to being a lot of things, that will take a lot of minutes, and the panic sets in that the hour of "later" is now.

9 days away.
It's where the need to do's, want to do's, and just for the hell of it do's all mingle around with each other, like red, green, and white, tinsel dressed fish, all swimming in a draining toilet. You need to get them out, but which do you grab first and why is it so hard to stay focused on that one fish? Grasping for the one that looks to be the easiest to succeed at first, then changing focus to one that makes its presents a little more clear. But progress never really moves forward and the water is still emptying. 

It's too soon to do somethings and cutting it close to have time to finish others. But isn't that half the fun? It's the reward of baking the sweets and putting the finishing touches on the gift you know are the most personal, much more satisfying after you've been powered by candy canes, trying to throw the last few christmas card in the mail, while rummaging through website after website, looking for a gift, any gift that might come close to being something your second aunt twice removed on your father's side would enjoy. All the while, keeping up with your everyday routine, of laundry, house cleaning, facebooking returning e-mails, and making sure the month's end bills are paid.

Yesterday, was one of those days. Bathrooms were bleached, while Sear's answered my questions. Laundry was put away while my fist was shaking at the "you want how much for shipping to get it here by Christmas" subtotal that was revealed. Kids were lost in piles of must do paper work, but kept quite by sweets that always taste better before 10:00 am.

But days like yesterday are days we all have. Days where it's nose to the grindstone, ear pressed to the phone, hands always busy, feet moving you from here to there, back to finish what you forgot about over here, with a baby on your hip. But those need to do kind of days, make it all to sweet, to roll up your sleeve and get elbow deep into the want to do kind of days.

(If any of you are keeping up on the Kelle Hampton Blog, you are most certainly correct that we stole this awesome gift idea from her and are soooo excited to share it with those who it has been made for!)

A, left with cheeks soar from laughing, bellies ache from too many sweets, pressured stress, relieved with a little (or a lot) of talk therapy, "Do It" kind of day. Productive just the same, as the day prior, at knocking of tasks from the never shortening list.

But as all good things come to an end, the less appealing, must do's still need their own attention, because lets not forget, there are only.... NINE DAYS!!!!

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